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But he's still breathing,Ruth cried, grasping at anything that would prolong the inevitable. Only because of the respirator,Matthew said, his tone gentle and understanding. What happens when you remove him from the respirator?Ben asked. Within half an hour his heart would stop beating.Max Hillman almost collapsed on the table.

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This should be me,he moaned. I'm old. I'm sick. He's young, with everything to live for.
The fireman also stood on the plates, where he watched the furnaces, made adjustments to the oil jets and did the behest of the engineer officer. The fiver was generally sent off to carry out some task in an even hotter and more ghastly part of the engine room. There was a direct telephone link to the bridge on a bulkhead to one side of the plates, together with a general telephone to the ship’s exchange. The machinery noise was so infernal that the telephone bell was a massive claxon that sent out a banshee shriek to rise above the din. The engineer answering the phone had to scream into the mouthpiece to make himself heard; the person on the other end screamed back and both parties hoped the message was getting through.

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