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Hey everybody, and welcome back to Japan today the snow falls not too bad still loving it. But we’ve come up to a shrine come out to see a Japanese shop we’ve always wanted to see one in the wintertime, and they look so much more beautiful have a look at this place just wait guys it’s good Hanukah Bercy shrine I think it means gold snake, and water shrine. So if you come here, and pray you get wealthy.

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So stage let’s pray. So this is it yeah oh my gosh absolutely beautiful, and it’s more beautiful in person with the snowfall just casually coming down oh this is so much more beautiful in the winter Wow look at this this is insane it’s just us walking yeah yeah yeah I think everyone could be inside seriously you guys a thing winter has to be the best season to come see Japan of course we haven’t been here in cherry blossom season. But, I’m salt on winter I don’t know if you guys can see. But there is you know steam coming off my breath. Because the walls made out of body bar I have to say they move look absolutely beautiful if you’ve lived here when she saw her cold wouldn’t a cusper he decide, and his steam coming out from my breath party we currently in the waiting room. Because they’re gonna get blessed. So while we wait absentee.

So we’re just been given some some tea mochi chocolatey a Haji top tie is teeth well the way you smelt that just then it was like a whole head it’s very nice, and then put up to your mouth, and then you kind of pour it down yeah, and then wash your left hand yeah, and then watch the stick down, and then put it back all right, and now you’re washed, and ready to enter I guess you have to walk up bow once, and then if you give some offering to the gut okay, and I have to ring the bell this is a special belt, and this sound is only in eastern Japan, and the Bell, and the Bell is to let the God that you hear, and they have to do two deep bowels, and they need to clap twice, and that’s to know that you don’t have any weapons, and then you pray, and then you do one more deep Bell you did it. So the shrine is over a thousand years old, and the ceremony we just did he’s not the blessing ceremony that’s where we’re heading to right now that’s the process that someone will come here they’ll coming to pray and. Because it’s just was explained before a little wealth safety. So you just need to pick which one, and then you go to the shrine Wolf’s nerve. So we just had the blessing ceremony it was a very sacred time. So we didn’t post the kind of respect for the ceremony. But it was such an incredible experience it was almost like a performance there was like cents from the candle was different noises who’s using drums, and like paper I don’t know something was this it was super interesting to do we also we’ve given some gifts as well this was blessed by the priest to put in our house, and also dad you asked me to get you some center tea I have got the best center team this is this team was actually blessed by the gods.

So to speak definitely an experience that I will always remember that was absolutely incredible, and if you guys do come to Japan make sure you come down, and do one. So you can experience the actual performance well the blessing ceremony cuz always remember that and, I’m gonna put this in my house are they good, and bad fortunes in here just given my fortune for 2018 for health it says that very spicy dishes will make me more lively. So I need to eat more spicy food for money we need to invest okay get some of their pitiful, and exam, I’ll pass it love going well oh that’s good to hear alright say let’s see if you get a pass that exam Stephen how do you love life going health do you do not take colds lightly. So if you get a cold you’re gonna get sick work go your own way, and there will be success oh, I’m going solo on flying money don’t expect anything big, and love early decisions are agreeable it’s kind of cool when the suburbs out here in the countryside of Japan looks like this all those blessings has worked me up an appetite here we come up for lunch at this little spot yet a little local restaurant this is the open kitchen, and if you can guess what we’re having it’s sushi okay all right, and when you’re ready to order a lot of sushi is just arrived the Miyagi Ares known forces. So we got a lot of oysters we have plan on rice put a bunch of sushi including sea urchin sisty we need to try another like this why am I always the one trying the weird food I think we got some miso soup we’ve got like an eggy dessert, I’m so happy right now I know it sounds. So bad in stereo. But the sushi is the best in Japan like once you try it here it’s so hard to go back, I’m gonna dig it I am so hungry this is gonna be good all righty let’s try sea urchin I don’t know if it was wasabi on that. But it has a strong taste mm-hmm do you like it I don’t mind that. Because, I’m not a huge fan of wasabi. But that actually wasn’t really Welles like just enough flavor mouth stupid like squishy. So what do you think of the sea urchin or is it flavorless I think it was flavorless. So the wasabi was all over it yeah all right thank you now, I’m gonna dig into the to the recipe all my goodness that was so good, I’m so unbelievably for the places named our aha buff you guys ever come Archaean you want to check it out it’s kind of famous in the area a lot of people come out of their way to go, and eat from there.

So super special that we were able to do that also I was interested you know sometimes depending on like the restaurant if you’re in Australia or America the chef code could be a little bit offended if you added tomato sauce to your meal like you just don’t think the flavoring is that good in Japan it’s kind of the same. But with soy sauce. But it really only applies to if the fish has been seasoned like we just had like a standard piece of tuna or salmon it’s okay you can dunk it in. But. Because that was like a traditional place like wasn’t best to dip everything into the soy sauce er thought you guys might find that interesting alrighty guys for dessert we’ve come strawberry picking. But it’s a little bit different. Because it’s so cold here it’s not like fields of strawberries have a look at this bunch of greenhouses come this tree four types of strawberries we’re gonna have to pick them, and try them all yeah when I found out you can do strawberry picking we’ve been wanting to do this with Ashley, and Heidi for.

So long. So I do apologize guys which I bring you back some strawberries. But yeah let’s see if we can taste three different types of stories that they haven’t yet this is the greenhouse steam you have to get in quick they don’t want to leave other seasonings oh this is really really interesting great one how perfect is the strawberry look. So we have 30 minutes on the timer to try, and pick as many stories as we like almost ready yeah we want to get like a full red one already by the way they’ve given me a thing of condensed milk, and now let dip it in this leash when you just Alucard strawberries right now if you love strawberries we go we need to find a good one okay what do you think of this that looks pretty good I just breathe it all off yeah just go sure what you come to earth it should try it yeah eat it well yeah Mazel dip it in the condensed milk huh yeah it’s a really good story you need to try the condensed milk maybe. Because I was hoping it would taste like white chocolate then you hope it was a white chocolate yeah, I’m not a fan of the condensed milk what do you think I like it it has like a creamy taste to her mmm-hmm all right look. So brace we’ve found a massive wall by the way I do love the classical music that’s currently plain add it to your pocket I didn’t realize that come strawberries have flowers I think they come from the flower you know what I didn’t worry is that they go read from the bottom to the top. Because if you know that see like this one it gets read from the bottom, and it slowly goes up oh this is perfect hmm these are so unbelievably juicy Wow that was way funner then it should be also kind of jealous of Mabini I want a strawberry strawberry beanie thank you imagine if you are a kid, and he went in there, and you just have access to all these strawberries by the way it’s like when you do a chocolate factory to you like, I’m gonna eat so much chocolate you get in there you have like five strawberries in like picnic we’ve got some strawberry wine I didn’t even know you could do that I don’t know what to expect the strawberry mint a little fruity post is oh wow really strong wine taste with liking into the strawberry strawberry cake, I’m down for this let’s just like pound cake we’ve just come to our final stop of entire miyagi trip before we head back to tokyo this evening come to a shrine, and apparently the shine is even more beautiful than the one we saw this morning.

So there’s a bit of a walkway yeah yeah they’d have the shrine entrance there, and then there’s a forest as we go in is Japan even a real place in winter like this just looks like a postcard at the shrine down here, and there’s just this forest it is just I can’t believe it is such a beautiful way to end our time here in Miyagi remember the shrine name-o sake hutch among thee oh good work yeah I think that is it yeah now you’re heading back to the oh my gosh it’s so cold my mouth is like oh. But we’re heading back to the train station now, and heading back to Tokyo. So the boss coffee oh that’s very nice, and warm on the hands I’d be enjoyed today’s post guys we realize we came home, and just crashed fell asleep. So it is the next day. But if you are new around here, and you enjoyed the post, and make sure you hit comment, and if you’ve been around here let us know what things we need to do in Tokyo. Because we’ve got two more days here before we head home.

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