Nice France – Most Beautiful Beach Ive Ever Seen

Hey from Barcelona getting ready right now to leave just packing I had it on a very short flight – nice hello. So I’ve gotten into nice France, and had a quick one-hour flight over here from Barcelona this morning it’s really really beautiful here, and the weather is great it’s really warm, and sunny outside the bus to the airport actually drove along the coastline of the bay getting here, and it’s so beautiful I think it’s my favorite beach that I have ever been to the water is so clear and.

Nice France – Most Beautiful Beach Ive Ever Seen Photo Gallery

So blue, and instead of sand there are pebbles which is amazing wait the lively carnival going on over there right now I didn’t go in. But I just could have peeked through the cracks of the fence a lot of people ordering it is actually covered in, I’m still kind of in the area of the carnival that’s going on, and just gonna walk more into the normal areas now I think. But I love it here so much, I’m really actually surprised by how much I just absolutely love it, and this graveyard by a church, I’m just kind of walking around it’s really quiet. So I just tried the door to the church here, and it was open, and I went inside, and it was really really pretty in there very peaceful I was the only one in there. So you actually some of the most beautiful things that you will see are just walking around, and looking at the houses, and apartment buildings they all have beautiful just really really beautiful I can see the beach up ahead and, I’m hoping, and haven’t missed the sunset.

I didn’t see the sunset the colors are just absolutely beautiful on the beach even more beautiful than it was earlier hello, I’m back from exploring nice such a great day today I really cannot believe how beautiful nice is I think it might be the prettiest place that I have maybe ever seen it’s just. So beautiful really definitely the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen in my life walking around there’s all these beautiful buildings, and it really seemed that every time I went to take a photograph birds would fly perfectly into the shot, and yeah just gorgeous gorgeous little city. So so glad that I came here and, I’m spending a few days here, and not just in doubt I think that there are definitely moments during travel when you just kind of see things from farther back just reflect, and realize where you are, and today I definitely had a lot of those moments beautiful beautiful place.

So I will see you tomorrow for more adventures in Nice.

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