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History Of Country Region Clement’s enthusiasm comes from debate with false gnostics and from the mixture of Paul and Plato that dominates his teaching. His ascetic tendencies are evident in sobriety, self-control and freedom from the passions, which join humanity to God. Here he

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History Of Country Region With Justin, we move in a different world, with the need to explain Christian faith and practice. Christians are considered immoral by some, ignorant by others, faithless by the Jews, and irrational by all: Justin defends and explains. Everyone may


The early Fathers were deeply interested in the moral implications of the Christian faith, starting with the familiar morals of the Apostolic Fathers and the public defense of the apologists. Among Greek Fathers, Clement of Alexandria resolves various pressing problems and gives detailed advice,

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History Of Country Region The same conception of eternity and terminological usage is found in Origen. In his extant Greek works, avi dioj is almost always used in reference to God, whose eternity is absolute: God’s power, divinity, kingdom, existence, mercy, etc., may also