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History Of Country Region The primary factor in the origin of the three patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch and Rome was their geopolitical and economic role, a factor that had partly guided the Christian missionaries. This same rationale, though considered completely inadequate by popes Damasus,

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History Of Country Region Aquileia and Ravenna were preeminent at the time of the co-emperors Honorius 395–423 and Arcadius 395–408. In the provinces of N Africa the metropolitan primate was the oldest bishop, who did not necessarily reside in the metropolis. In Proconsularis, however,

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History Of Country Region III. Ecclesiastical provinces with metropolitan center. From the 4th c. a coordination appeared, which gave rise to a more complex and hierarchical structure: the ecclesiastical province evparci,a. The fact is explained along the lines of missionary practice that, spreading from


Grouped under the name of Ebionites in ancient Christian literature are an indefinite number of Jewish Christian sects with some common characteristics, the most important of which are that they accepted Jesus as a “a mere man” nudus homo, Tertull., De carne Christi 14,