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Now, for the professional chicas. The best sex tourist experiences in Rio are found in the Termas. Termas are the Brazilian phrase for spas/ brothels, i.e., a bathhouse. There are hundreds of chicas all over town working in termas, and there’s always a new girl to be found night to night at any given club, since there is a very high turnover.

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Here’s the modus operandi, you pay a cover of $30-40 reais and then change in a locker room into a Hefner robe and slippers. You’re given a numbered key pertaining to your individual locker, which all charges will be assigned to. The bartenders ask for your number when ordering drinks, and the girls may want to see the key before entering the luv den. The number comes in the form of a wristband. Wear it on your wrist, don’t pocket it. People have been known to swap yours with theirs and run up gigantic tabs. Don’t lose your key. You get your key, your locker, you take a shower and/or sauna, then head to the bar area. Walk around to survey the place before sitting down, because the minute your down, you’re attacked by women. Be very patient. The first few you see will blow you away, but soon you’ll realize there are even better to be had. You will need to master smiling and politely getting rid of some girls. An easy way is to say you’re waiting for a favorite girl whom you’ve been with before. There will be times when you have your eye on one chica, and out of nowhere another hot one will appear, have her tongue down your throat and pumping your dick under the robe, and you’ll say no thanks. Try explaining that one at home.

You have 3 decisions to make here, which girl(s), how long you want them, and a regular or upgraded rooms. Upgraded rooms have mirrors on the walls, and a huge circular bed with a mirrored ceiling. Often they are positioned like thrones, as you have to climb a few steps to get to it. Careful, when jumping around and changing positions, it’s pretty easy to step off the bed, bounce down the stairs on your back, with your dick Hopping in the breeze. Cameras in here are not encouraged, but you can slip a small one in your robe, and most girls are more than happy to pose for you. When you pick a girl, she will take your key and go schedule your date, she will also change and come back with a new outfit and look. The effect and minimal time delay is quite effective, when she returns the new look will be twice as hot. What’s amazing in the Brazil Termas is how the girls will not stop after the first round; they want 2 or more in 40 minutes. After your session, you hit the shower or sauna and head back to the bar and couch. If the place isn’t packed, the girl you just had will come back and resume kissing and stroking, like it never happened. Slow down girl, I’m not that easy.

A short-list of the best Termas in town includes Quattro X Quattro, Monte Carlo, Solarium, Termas 65, L’uomo, and Centaurus.

Monte Carlo,

Also know as Club 19, is conveniently one block from Avenue Atlantica in the heart of Copacabana Beach. After arriving on the first floor, take the elevator to the showers and spa on the 2nd floor, and then the elevator the club and chicas on the 3rd floor. Hours of operation are Mon.-Sat. from 4pm-2am. Cover is 40R and prices are 200R for 40 minutes or 250R for one hour in a suite.


A few blocks from Monte Carlo. Located on the second floor of a shopping center, and not that easy to find without help. Same management and setup as Monte Carlo, pricing is the same, and the hours are Mon-Sun 4pm – 2am. If there’s no selection at one Terma, head to the other. L’uomo seems to get the nod between the two for quality of girls, although diamonds in the rough are very common at both. Another good feature is that if you’re there in the afternoon, they let you return later in the evening without additional cover if you inquire at the front desk.

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