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Hi guys good afternoon from Costa Rica I am going to be doing a Q&A post today I will be answering some of the interesting questions here that I’ve gotten from you guys first question where are you from okay this is an answer that might take some time I never really know what to say when people ask me where, I’m from I was born in Chicago I spent my childhood moving around a lot I think over my life I’ve moved 48 times I spent a lot of my childhood in Virginia once I became an adult I moved to Miami. So a lot of the times when people ask me where, I’m from I just say Miami. Because it’s the one place that I stayed put for a significant amount of time, I’m definitely from the US. But if you ask where in the US are you from that’s harder to answer are you more organized or are you more spontaneous kind of a bit of both on one hand, I’m super organized I have lists of everything, and I love keeping lists, and making plans.

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But on the other hand I am really spontaneous too there have been times when I don’t even know what country, I’ll be going to tomorrow or that I just decide on this impromptu trip that I had no idea I’d be going on like a few days ago I love stuff like that sometimes I even find myself planning not to plan to leave stuff more up to chance. Because that’s when all these awesome things in travel happen. Because you never really know where you’ll be or where you’ll go, and if you just try to plan everything then it kind of restricts you Michelle Sanchez asks would you mind telling me what camera you use I love the quality of your post well thank you it is however due largely to my cameras one of the cameras that I use is the Canon 7d for the lens I use a 17 55 millimeter, I’ll write the whole thing down below. Because really long the other camera that I use is the one that, I’m posting on right now which is the canon g7x I prefer to post on the canon g7x, and i prefer to take photos, and kind of more artistic cinematic type of shots on the 7d I also sometimes post on a gopro since you guys have been asking where is Livio, I’m gonna do one question with him he’s making that yes haha no I don’t like it open no okay that’s not the question okay what is your least favorite thing about travelling oh thanks doc post for a starter all right well it’s life favorite thing no please please favorite thing about traveling um I would have to say it’s packing, and unpacking yeah Regis hate it I love packing. So good at it you’re actually good at it I don’t know how do you pack. So fast actually what’s your least favorite thing my least favorite thing about traveling you can’t really form a sense of I don’t know like a circle of friends like that you usually hang out with I would hang out with my sister’s a lot, and you don’t have kind of like a normal base I was your base I thought I was your rock in your anchor. But I have to have friends too no I get what you’re saying it’s actually it actually makes sense actually I miss hanging out with my friends as well I think you had a better answer than me I wasn’t even thinking of my answer while you were talking oh.

So you didn’t plan things beforehand surprising hmm what is that supposed to mean you always have your plans, and you’re always at the airport for hours in the post we go what’s the flight in five hours how on earth do we need to go I have a length Opia I don’t wanna be late it’s one thing to have a late phobia, and it’s another thing to have a being early obsession neo Snipes asks where has been your favorite place. So far choose just one well neo Snipes that’s pretty much impossible to do I don’t think I could choose just one favorite place, and that’s. Because they are all. So different from each other I would say that my three favorite places would be Athens in Greece s awara in Morocco I just really loved Paris I found it very inspiring, and of course gorgeous what made you decide to travel what really made me decide to travel was that I just wasn’t happy, and I just decided to take kind of a risk, and go into the unknown, and and do it I originally had the idea a few years ago I put it off for another year, and I was always thinking oh, I’ll do it soon, I’ll do it soon, and meanwhile you know then life just in Miami kept kept happening, and there were even more reasons not to go one day I just decided to book a ticket, and I went online, and I booked a ticket to Spain I didn’t really have any plan beyond that. But I did it. Because I just kind of realized that there’s never going to be a perfect time, and if I want to make something happen then I just have to go for it, and I did, and it was the best decision that I ever ever made will you marry me thanks for the offer. But no next how long do you plan to travel um Emily well I kind of plan to travel forever I really can’t see myself saying I want to stop traveling.

So I really don’t know the answer. But for now, I’m just gonna say indefinitely I plan to travel full-time I love this question Kylee Coleen T asks how many siblings do you have seems like an endless amount yeah pretty much I am the oldest of nine children that was a noisy childhood I find editing. So tedious, and boring any tips what I like most about editing is seeing the pieces of a story or a creative idea that you had come together into this more cohesive story, and it really is kind of a form of storytelling making your audience feel what you felt in that moment, and had a vision for with your with your footage have you ever been robbed or attacked in any of your travels thankfully the answer to this is no I have not hey guys hear that that’s monkeys the wild monkeys fighting in the trees what is your favorite or most interesting food that you’ve eaten during your travels from veg theory the most interesting would maybe be not exactly a food. Because it’s a drink. But when I was in Kyrgyzstan I had this drink it was carbonated like soda. But it was made with wheat, and it was kind of spicy, and very sour, and it tasted like bread. But with also soda sour spicy sharp taste my first had it I was like surprised, and then I thought it was really gross, and then I kind of liked it from Nick who is your favorite r might be Riya from the blog Riya was here two of my other favorites are Louie Cole from fun for Louie, and Casey nice dog.

But those three in particular really inspired me to start my own blog, and to travel, and also to just make my life into what I want it to be travel light if you were a cloud what type of cloud would you be um I don’t know okay guys I really hope that you enjoyed my Q&A as always I have a lot more adventures coming up soon from here in Costa Rica thanks for reading bye.

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