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Lincoln City Lighthouse Square Early September

Mohava Marie Niemi (1913-1992)—far better known simply as “Mo”—was an institution on the Oregon coast. In the 1940s she opened her first restaurant, on the bayfront in Newport, called Freddie and Mo’s, which would morph into Mo’s Restaurants. The restaurant soon gained widespread acclaim for its clam chowder, and in the 1970s Mo’s hatched the idea of packaging and selling frozen chowder base, greatly expanding its renown. All this hubbub about Mo’s clam chowder created—and, to this day, still creates—an almost carnival atmosphere at the original Mo’s, where lines of people waiting to be seated meander down the street on busy weekends. Mo’s no doubt inspired many other chowder makers, and clam chowder has long been a staple on the Oregon coast, with many independent restaurants—from well-known four-star dinner houses to walk-up food carts—creating their own special recipes.

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All of this ardor over clam chowder culminates in the annual Lincoln City Chowder & Brewfest held at Lighthouse Square on the north end of town each autumn: and what better way to explore the diverse world of Oregon clam chowder than with a craft ale in hand on the beautiful Oregon coast? Attendees can sample many different chowders and buy a bowl full of their favorites, pairing the chowder with an ale (or cider or glass of wine) from any of nearly two dozen participating brewers. Live music entertains festival-goers throughout the day, and a variety of games provide raucous entertainment, especially the ever-popular giant Jenga. Tickets to the Chowder & Brewfest are available for sale on the event website, which also has a convenient portal to my blog lodging in Lincoln City. The festival is open to children accompanied by their parents (21 and over only to drink). Conveniently located, the festival venue is a short drive away from beach accesses and the many attractions and activities that make Lincoln City such a popular destination.

A steaming hot cup of famous Mos clam chowder.

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