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Lincoln City

McMenamins Lighthouse Brewery,

4157 N Highway 101


McMenamins Lighthouse Brewery has been a Lincoln City landmark since it opened in the late 1980s, serving up excellent pub food from a surprisingly deep menu and pouring outstanding ales brewed onsite. Summer is an especially fine time to visit the Lighthouse Brewery: for indoor patrons, sunrays beam comfortably in through the upstairs windows; outside, the upstairs patio looks out over the city, with heaters to fend off the gathering coastal chill as the sun sets.

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Better still, high summer brings the annual Lighthouse Brew Festival, in which McMenamins and guest brewers concoct their own distinctive beers for patrons to try, while the Lighthouse staff serves up food specials and offers brewery tours throughout the Saturday event. As part of the annual tradition, the brew fest kicks off weeks earlier with the “Vallancing Act” (named for former Lighthouse Brewer Rob Vallance) during which each participating McMenamins brewer picks a number. Then beer styles are pulled from a Portland Timbers hat to correspond to that number. The brewers are then required to brew an original recipe in that style, which will be served at the festival. Each participating brewery is also asked to submit a tiny image to represent their particular brew.

This collection of “Tiny Brewer Art,” always amusing if not befuddling, is displayed in the festival my bloglet provided to patrons, along with descriptions of the beers. Each year, McMenamins also unveils a new Mighty Beer Atom, an in-house graphic symbol or totem produced by McMenamins staff in varying positions that represents the creative spirit and energy of brewers and brewing. There is no admission fee for the all-day Lighthouse Brew Festival, and all ages are welcome (21 and over to drink).

McMenamins invites guest brewers to concoct special ales for the Lighthouse Brew Festival.

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