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Brénainn of Clúain Ferta, called Brendan of Clonfert or Brendan the Navigator, was a 6th-c. Irish abbot: in 558564 he founded the Church of Clonfert. He died between 577583. This biographical information is in the Annals of Ulster and of Inisfallen and derives from

BRAULIO of Saragossa

Bishop of Saragossa from 631–651, highly educated, friend of Isidore and among the most renowned literati of the Visigothic “renaissance.” His Life of St. Aemilianus, a well-known Spanish hermit, based on oral sources and mostly dedicated to miracles, seeks to present a model of

BRAGA Portugal

I. City – II. Councils. I. City. Ancient Braccara in Hispania Citerior; capital of the province of Gallaecia after Diocletian’s division. At the beginning of the 5th c. with the Germanic invasions, Braga was incorporated into Suevian territory as the capital of the Suevian


A late Passio, preserved in Latin, describes the martyrdom of two soldiers, Bonosus and Maximilian, at Antioch it mentions their bishop Meletius, at the time of the emperor Julian d. 363, 20 September. There is no ancient evidence of their cult at Antioch, nor


Late 4th-c. bishop of Serdica in Illyricum, founder of the sect of the Bonosianis. We know of him from a letter sent to Archbishop Anisius of Thessalonica and the other Illyrican bishops shortly after the synod of Capua in winter 391–392 and the Council