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A collection of Hindu religious texts written in Sanskrit. Meaning “ancient lore,” the Puranas differ from the Vedas in that they are designed for all believers rather than the priestly brahmin caste; as such they are considered the primary source of knowledge of early


Hindu worship. Puja can take many forms, from solitary household devotions to elaborate temple festivals and ceremonies. There are no rules for puja, and its precise content varies greatly depending on such factors as which gods or goddesses are to be worshipped, Hindu sect,


Belief in many gods. Most religions in history have been polytheistic, including the dominant religions of the ancient world with which the practice is usually associated. Of the major modern world religions, only Hinduism and Shinto are polytheistic, although the case has been made

Rome Vacations

THE RENAISSANCE AND THE FOREIGN INVASION All the banking and commerce that drove the rise of the communi also fueled the wealth of their principal families. These families demonstrated their wealth by commissioning art. The Sforza and Visconti families in Milan, the della Scala