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I. Christian origins – II. Council – III. Archaeology. I. Christian origins. A region situated at the SE corner of Asia Minor, between Lycaonia, Cappadocia and Syria, integrated into the Roman Empire in 103 BC. Men from Cilicia were among the Jews who disputed


CHURCH and EMPIRE. Though the first term, church, is clear indicating the society founded at the beginning of our era by Jesus Christ, which unites communities of Christians around the same faith the second, empire, can be understood in either a broader to the


The historical martyrologies put this saint on 24 November at Rome, the manuscripts of Mart. hier. at Rome or at Aquileia. Chrysogonus was in fact a martyr of Aquileia; we know only his name, though his cult is attested very early in that city.


Native of Cappadocia, educated in Syria, with his brothers Cosmas and Gabriel he went to Palestine in ca. 428 to make up the first group of disciples who created the laura of St. Euthymius. After having been its bursar, he and Gabriel were ordained