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I. Historical outline – II. Council. I. Historical outline. Bithynian city Chalkedon, Kalchedon, today Kadiköy on the Bosphorus opposite Constantinople, founded by colonists from Megara in 685 BC see Strabo, XII, 4, 2,563 C. It came under the Persians in 387 and was later


Latin term indicating a cloth sewn with pieces of fabric of different colors; as a literary genre, it meant a poetic composition made up of words, hemistichs and verses of another poet, reordered to express something different from the original. They were composed esp.


Cenobitic life was closely linked to ascetic life. In the first three Christian centuries, but esp. after the ending of the persecutions, Jesus’ teaching and his invitation to vigilance, renunciation, death to self, taking up the cross after him, voluntary poverty, and virginity led


I. Origin – II. Typology – III. Development and organization of cemeteries – IV. Archaeological research. In the ancient world the use of this word coemeterium, koimhth,rion to mean a place of burial of the dead was proper to and characteristic of Jews and