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EUGENIUS of Toledo

Born at Toledo, but probably a Goth. Already a cleric, he went to Saragossa, where he became a monk and then worked with Bishop Braulio as archdeacon Ildef., Vir. ill. 13, 1. At the death of Eugenius I, King Chindaswinth decided during the VII


Roman usurper 392–394, Christian. A teacher of rhetoric, he held the post of magister scrinii when Arbogast had him proclaimed Augustus on 22 August 392. He sought an understanding with Ambrose and Theodosius, but the latter would not recognize him. Eugenius then leagued himself


Place and date of birth unknown. With his wife Galla and their sons Salonius and Veranus, both later bishops, he retired to the asceterium of Lérins soon after its foundation by Honoratus, between 412 and 420 Pricoco, L’isola dei santi, 38f.. Honoratus’s biographer Hilary


This Eucherius or Euclerius is thought to have belonged to the 5th-c. Roman nobility. From the content of the short 10-hexameter poem of which he is considered the author, we deduce him to have been a judge, not a lawyer. Indeed, he turns to


The early Fathers were deeply interested in the moral implications of the Christian faith, starting with the familiar morals of the Apostolic Fathers and the public defense of the apologists. Among Greek Fathers, Clement of Alexandria resolves various pressing problems and gives detailed advice,