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CASSIAN of Imola

His cult is attested in the early 5th c. by Prudentius Peristephanon 9, who, traveling from Spain to Rome, tells how he stopped at the Forum Cornelii at the saint’s tomb: on its sides were depicted the events of the martyrdom of Cassian, a


Province of Hispania created by Diocletian ca. 297 from territories previously belonging to Baetica and Tarraconensis which, ca. 385, included the Balearic Islands. The following episcopal sees are documented in the 4th and early 5th c., attested by the presence of their bishops at


The carmen figuratum is an extremely artificial poetic form, the characteristic of which is to include a visual aspect of the text; the effect of this “visual” poetry is obtained either because the written poem sometimes polymetric is in the shape of an image,