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Grouped under the name of Ebionites in ancient Christian literature are an indefinite number of Jewish Christian sects with some common characteristics, the most important of which are that they accepted Jesus as a “a mere man” nudus homo, Tertull., De carne Christi 14,


For the early Christians and for ourselves, the content of these terms could have two meanings: A the everyday one geographical, linguistic and political, B the theological and metaphorical one. A. Geographically, East generally had three meanings: 1 within the Roman Empire, it indicated


English nun, known as Boniface’s correspondent, not to be confused with Eadburga, daughter of Centwine, king of Wessex 676–685. Between 719 and 722 she sent two letters to Boniface: one to tell him that she had not yet been able to find the copy


By dyophysitism, whose adherents are called dyophysites, we understand the doctrine of two natures, divine and human, in Christ. This christological position, defended esp. by the Antiochenes against Apollinaris of Laodicea and Cyril of Alexandria, and then by adherents to Chalcedonian faith against the