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This is a little maybe too artistic like this one I like this one might be a little too Shakespearean greetings from Melbourne Australia, I’m here today with my friends Jason, and AB, and we’re gonna go get some coffee in true Melbourne fashion. But first I have to look the part I need to be like a super cool Melvin Melvin ight loving her Melvin some of your Melvin. So we’re gonna go to that first, and then have some coffee.

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So prepare yourself for a super cool Melbourne mashup come on hipster montage makeover all right where are we going girls oh that’s a nice shop for those of you don’t know Melbourne is considered to be one of the coolest the most trendy cities in Australia. So the girls brought me down as a secondhand clothing store to find something to fit it great that’s the that’s the style right that really brings out the color you’re glowing yeah that allows you to hang around you realize we’re on the woman section right alright should we try some on my buddy Garrett what did you think of that outfit I felt like it was slightly a little bit too creative I think it needed to be a bit more like I’ve just drawing this together where it was a big to-do plan I don’t think a natural hipster in their natural environment oh my very good idea I love that top don’t you Oh I think it’s meant to be yeah hey what I just want to go to a coffee shop, and talk about society, and politics, and the man favorite novel just novels art I want to do some graphing all right we got the outfit now watch.

So it’s Buffy external elements. But we’re missing these Spanx something’s here all right let’s go see what’s next I feel so much better now one more step before coffee. So the only problem, I’m having. So far my newly found outfit is well my head is warm my ankles get a bit cold that’s just the way it is to be a hipster we got a real one here if you just saw him down the street would you think oh just what you’re wearing we’re doing it if you would have made this person in the street would you think I would perhaps it’s tough yeah do I look like I fit in here in the city you do you kind of are you actually like it wants to be actually haven’t shaved my face on many years pilots. But whatever it takes to fit in here you looked right I look like, I’m coming over now sir mission accomplished thank you now, I’m ready for a coffee, I’m the shaky perfect thank you that’s mine yeah regular latte true relevant experience couple of kids from Elvis after coffee it’s time for another Melbourne staple footie along with the eclectic, and artistic culture Melbourne is a sports Mecca as well, and the AFL or Australian Football League is hands-down the most popular sport this is you gotta do we gotta get what are we getting inside okay do this yes okay there’s a tomato sauce all right feel like I learned a lot today Melbourne special got the moustache I have the outfit I had the team, and we got steal away I felt I feel like that was a full long day of a Melbourne local good day.

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