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For bird lovers like me, and hubby Karnataka proves to be just heavenly since is a well-loved migrator destination for birds it is easy to spot a variety of migratory birds along with common Indian birds looking for a delightful break last weekend hubby, and I headed towards the very popular ramen Dirty Bird century situated on the way to my soul from Bangalore in the manga district of the state cannot occur it’s a three hours drive from Bangalore, and we started to drive towards wrong entity birth century at 2 p.m. by Mysore Road just after crossing sri ranga Patna we took the right turn towards the Brindavan garden a little further down we saw an arc that read wrong entity birth century on the right, and soon after we reached the entrance gate after collecting the entry fee we parked our car, and headed towards the boating area to see the exotic birds romantic to is the largest birth century in the state spread across 40 acres, and comprises six islets on the banks of the river Kaveri a number of well-maintained boats are available on shared basis that charge quite less, and take you around the islands for 15 to 20 minutes.

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But if you want to write for a longer duration say for around 45 minutes you can book a private boat for rupees 1000 we decided to go ahead with the private one a boat right across the lake afforded us views of hundreds of species of birds, and few mammals many of which we could not even identify here are a few that we could name, and get good footage off the boat right started with spotting thousands of bats hanging upside down on bamboo trees a very rare sighting I must say the painted stork is a visually aesthetic bird its head, and beak are orange its body is patterned in monochrome, and its tail feathers feature a dusting of pink, and long skinny pink legs the common Spoonbill you can’t forget this bird even if you try they have large flat black spatulate bills the tip of which has yellow markings their bodies are white with characteristic yellow plumage on the head its tightest entirely carnivores the male gathers nesting material mostly sticks, and reeds sometimes taken from an old nest, and the female gives it into a large shallow nest the great stone curlew is great overall.

But the striking striped pattern on the sides of its eyes are well eye catching they have strong yellow black bills large yellow eyes which give them a reptilian appearance, and cryptic plumage the river turn is a small bird with grey things a white chest a bright yellow pointy beak a forked tail, and red feet this species breeds from March to May in colonies in less accessible areas such as sand banks in rivers, and nests in a ground scrape often on bare rock water is important for river turn habitats as that is where it gets its food from mainly small fish tadpoles or insects Asian open bills torque is a large regarding bird in the stork family it is grayish or white with glossy black wings, and tail, and the udders have a gap between the beaks the breeding season is November to March in southern India the Asian open bill breeds colonial building a rough platform of sticks often on half-submerged trees in esting trees are shared with those of egrets cormorants, and daughters the sheikhs emerge with green color down, and are shaded by the loosely out spread, and drooped wings of a parent we also spotted the red rattled Lapwing cormorants, and egrets these are just a handful of the hundreds of birds that we spotted at the run into to birth century the best season to visit the century is between September to March, and the best timing to visit the century is in the early hours of the morning before the century gets crowded with visitors you can also take the boat right during evenings anybody with a special interest in birds needs to head to this beautiful century for a delightful break the species of birds around are good, and exotic, and one can easily spend a couple of hours enjoying the nature, and the birds in the serene environment I hope you all enjoyed reading this post rate this post with a thumbs up leave us a comment, and to comment the blog for more posts thanks for reading.

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