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Wherever your sex tourism travels take you, we recommend you visit different clubs every couple of nights to meet women. If you keep returning to the same place, you open the door to drama and BS. The girls can become very possessive of you, your manhood and your wallet. Not necessarily in that order. Is it because you’re the hottest man on the planet? Is it because they want material things from you? Is it to get a passport to the US? Maybe. The most obvious reason is she is an independent business operator, you are her paying client, and any other girl showing attention to you is cutting into her business cash flow.

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These girls get real jealous. When you’re new to the game, by the third day you’ll walk into the same club and see all your previous night’s girlfriends lined up in a row, tugging at you saying “Baby please, why you cheat on me? I’m you’re girlfriend, let’s go now.” While it is great to get all the attention, who wants all the headaches and problems? The truth is, just like the strippers at home, they’re all great actresses. They will say or act any way necessary, and tell you whatever you want to hear in order to hook your cash and your ego.

When it comes to women on your trips, a reality check is absolutely necessary. You have to keep your head on your shoulders and recognize you’re being provided fantasy treatment. The girls are professionals, they know everything about the sex tourist and his methods, and for the most part men don’t know a damn thing about them or their methods. The girls know exactly what you want to hear and feel, and will smother you with it lor an agreed price. Remember, they’re working when they are with you,

you are their client, and the minute you leave town you will be replaced. Unfortunately, men 75% of the time ignore that little piece of advice. Just look around and you’ll see some old guy grinning ear to ear with a girl 35 years younger than him, grinding in his lap. If you ask, he will swear up and down that she is in love with him. Comically pathetic. Younger inexperienced guys are just as gullible.

Then again, it gets somewhat difficult analyzing the situation when every time you blink the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen has your rod in her mouth. Get a grip. Keep it light, or these predators will eat you alive financially and emotionally. The girls are providing a sexual illusion for you, as well as supporting themselves. Keep it reasonable and straightforward, be interesting, and have a great time. Pretty simple.

“ Direct thought is notan attribute of femininity. In this, woman is now centuries…behind man. ”

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