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Antioquia Travel on In this context, the term assemblage designates a contingent ensemble of powers that operate across different scales and political mappings. While the concept has a heritage in Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (1987), our use is more directly influenced by the recent discussions of global assemblages offered by authors such as Aiwha Ong and Stephen Collier (2005) and Saskia Sassen (2006). What these authors point to is the way that new assemblages of power tend to reconfigure state territory, and authority rather than completely displacing them. There is at once a disaggregation of powers that were once firmly lodged in the nation-state and a reconfiguration of them in specialized assemblages that mix technology, politics, and actors in diverse and sometimes unstable ways. These processes of disaggregation and reconfiguration are particularly important for the dynamics of power at stake in the formation, patrolling, reinforcement, and crossing of borders. The assemblages of power that come together in these contexts are almost always highly differentiated” . that is, they are hardly ever exclusive collections that consist merely of different varieties of sovereign power, different kinds of disciplinary power, or different biopolitical technologies. Antioquia Travel 2016.

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