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European places to visit on According to Volpe, he invited Mariangela Pezzotta to the secluded chalet where he met her with his current girlfriend. Volpe shot Pezzotta point-blank in the mouth, fearful that she would implicate him in the couple’s 1998 disappearance. Volpe then contacted fellow-band member Mario Maccione, 16, who helped him bury the woman. Forensics later determined that Pezzotta had most likely been buried alive. In a plea deal negotiated with Italian prosecutors in May 2004, Volpe filled in the grisly details surrounding the 1998 disappearances of Marino and Tollis. Fuelled by drugs and alcohol, Volpe and other Beast of Satan band members chose the petite 19-year-old Chiara Marino to personify the Virgin Mary in a ritual satanic sacrifice. Marino and the unsuspecting Tollis were driven to the 21 Beasts secluded wood northwest of Milan. European places to visit 2016.

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