Want To Save Hundreds on Your Wedding Breakfast?

Emily gillan, of purple grape catering, shows you howYou want… an elegant salmon starter‘Just serving the salmon one way (far right) saves on staf andprep-time, which translates intoa cost saving. The purple pop of the beetroot-marinated salmon still gives the visual wowfactor and tastes delicious.’

Want To Save Hundreds on Your Wedding Breakfast? Photo Gallery

Wild salmon served three ways (tartare,smoked and poached) with spicy avocado beetroot-marinated cured smoked salmoncitrus crème fraiche and buckwheat bliniswith salad leaves and edible pansiesYou want… a classic British main of steak and chips‘Tis posh version of the British classic has been popular over the past year.

But a cheaper cut of meat makes a huge diference in price, and choosing the peppered option means there’s no taste compromise – guests won’t be able to tell the diference. Garnish with edible fowersmedallions of tenderloin with spinach, heirloom tomatoes, fondant potato and onion tatin, topped with wild garlic foampeppered steaks served with pont neuf potatoes, portobello mushrooms, beef tomato, watercress and peppercorn sauceYou want…

A visually stunning dessert‘Replacing the gold leaf with Pashmak (a Persian form of candyfoss) slashes costs, but still addstexture and looks spectacular. It can even be served in diferentcolours to match your weddingpalette. As with the starter, removing the fussy extra components reduces prep-timeand, therefore, price.’ peanut and honeycomb baked mascarpone cheesecake with seville compote orange ice cream and basil syrup, finished with gold leafhoney and raisin cheesecake topped with pashmak and served with a spiced, mixed berry compote.

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