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Vacations spots on This is important to know because traders that are looking for buying and selling at the open have a tough time gauging the strength and weakness of the stock relative to the tape and what it’s showing. Beginning traders don’t even notice this delay and are simply confused why their orders did not fill. Most of the time, my quotes are cleared up within 10 minutes and I’m okay. However, on occasion, there are times when it is longer, and I cannot rely much on my quote system CHAPTER 10 Time of Day 181 to be accurate. If I sense a delay, I will more likely let the trades go until the system from the Nasdaq end, as well as my own end, is no longer bogged down with an overwhelming number of trades at once. There are several ways to sense if you are delayed. First, on the Level 1 screen, if you see that the Bid and Ask prices are not near the same price as the Last Price column, you can bet that the Time of Sales information is delayed. Vacations spots 2016.

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