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Kazakhstan Map on Backed by the publicity power of his chain of newspapers, Hearst believed there was no reason Davies could not be made into a major film star with the proper industry connections. Enter Thomas Harper Ince. Up to that time, Cosmopolitan had shot Davies’ films in New York, but with the company’s move to Goldwyn Hearst was negotiating with Ince to use his facility in Culver City. Mixing business with pleasure, Hearst invited Ince to discuss the merger and celebrate his 42nd birthday as guest of honor on board the newspa- Ince 132 perman’s 280′ luxury yacht, Oneida, setting sail with a group of select friends from San Pedro, California on Saturday, November 15, 1924. Ince, unable to make the departure because of a movie premiere in Los Angeles, planned to join the party the next day in San Diego. The passage of nearly 70 years and (if one accepts any of the various murder theories surrounding Ince’s death) a cover-up have obfuscated the facts of the case even down to who was on board the Oneida when it left San Pedro for a fun-filled cruise to San Diego and the Baja. Along with Hearst and his lover, Marion Davies, the passengers included: Dr. Kazakhstan Map 2016.

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