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Virginia family vacations on But not all is lost. Depending on when you read these pages, the markets may be swinging generously to and fro again, but in case low volatility persists, or perhaps reappears, let’s have a look at how we can deal with these matters in terms of adaptation. First of all, it should be noted that the price action principles are never affected, for they stand above the nature of the session; as long as there are traders around, action will cause reaction and this will have the principles of supply and demand do their thing as in any active session. Consequently, there isn’t much need for revising the game plan on a technical basis; the changes will mostly regard strategic procedure. Typical adjustments that spring to mind are to tighten the standard bracket to a smaller span (if only on the target side) and to lay very low on quick continuation trades that stem from little buildup, particularly when the highs or lows of the session are in play. Another popular adjustment is to switch over to a faster time frame, in the hopes of finding more opportunities in the smaller motions of the market. Experienced traders, having seen every possible climate a hundred times over, may not find it too hard to adjust their game to a slower pace; for a novice trader, lacking technical reference and overall experience, this may not be so easily done and it could take a serious number of losing or otherwise aborted trades to even come to terms with the change in climate. Virginia family vacations 2016.

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