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Us cities and states on Later, many of the promoter’s friends claimed never to have met the woman. A close business associate discounted the stripper as someone Charlie had a physical relationship with a few times, maybe six or seven times. By late December 1994?early January 1995 Minor tired of McClure and severed their relationship. Casual sex with the stripper and others was replaced by a monogamous bi-coastal love affair with Dara Sowell, a strikingly beautiful blonde New York socialite. McClure, reeling from the split, received another shock when Bailey’s Twenty/20 lost its lease and abruptly closed its doors on February 3, 1995. She quickly found employment at Fantasy Island, a second-tier strip club on West Pico Boulevard where $20 lap dances were offered to a mixed crowd of record industry personnel and college students. De – pressed and possibly anorexic, McClure was fired from the club on March 17, 1995, for losing too much weight. Us cities and states 2016.

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