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Taichung Metro Map on The daughters, in different parts of the house at the time of the shooting, heard nothing nor did neigh bors. Police suspected, but never proved, that Byard was murdered by a relative over a money dispute. To date, no charges have been filed in the homicide. Further Reading Blumenthal, Bob. Jaki Byard, 1922?1999: Jazzman was Versatile, Eccentric. Boston Globe, February 16, 1999, sec. C, p. Taichung Metro Map 2016.

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They would be on the ship later, stumbling up the gangway, bullying their way past the sailor on watch, down to the crew quarters, banging on the cabin doors looking for trade. As we traversed those big old British ports, empire-built places that had seen such greatness, I felt I was witness to some final stand, the last guard had fallen away and all that was left was lone outposts of what had once been great, standing among the rubble of yesterday. Swing bridges, marvels of their day, rusted and immobile. Docks deserted and part-unusable, greening, rat-ridden, the waters so marvellously trapped by Victorian engineering genius now foul and polluted, toxic enough to kill you in minutes if you fell in. Idle cranes lined the wharfs like harsh judges.

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