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Sakon Nakhon Travel on ‘This detail has its parallel in similar behavior by the imprisoned Garibaldi, though Garibaldi was not shot for his defiance. Even though Conrad and James inherit the same repertoire of narrative techniques, Conrad’s narrative procedure in Nostromo is near the opposite end of the spectrum from James’s formaI strategy. An extreme example in James is one ofhis most formally rigorous novels, The Awkward Age. It was written just a few years before Nostromo and published in seriaI form in 1898-99. The Awkward Age consists almost entirely of dialogue. It has an absolute minimum both of narrator’s commentary and of what James calls going behind, that is, direct presentation of the characters’ subjectivities. In Nostromo, Conrad presents sorne dialogic scenes, as 1 have said, but the dominant narrative mode is an extravagant going behind. Sakon Nakhon Travel 2016.

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