Where are the good eats in Disneyland?

1. There are three Main Dining restaurants for you to try on your cruise. The first one is called Animator’s Palate on Deck 3. You’ll love it. There is a Mickey Mouse-style red, black and yellow color scheme. While you eat, enjoy a new show called “Animation Magic.” You’ll draw a character of your own and eventually get to see it onscreen as part of a charming presentation about animation.

2. The second Main Dining restaurant (don’t worry, you’ll get to try them all) is called Enchanted Garden. It is inspired by the gardens of Versailles in France and serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out the seven-foot tall fountain in the middle of the dining room. You might see a familiar face when you look at its cherub. The restaurant’s ceiling changes color throughout the day and turns dark at night to show off constellations of stars. The flower light fixtures also bloom over time. It’s pretty cool.

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3. Royal Court is the third Main Dining room and it’s themed to remind you of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. Check out the 23 Disney Fantasy mosaics, each with more than 200,000 tiles. The chairs are made to look like those in Beauty and the Beast.

4. Cabanas is a casual indoor/outdoor restaurant on Deck 11 with a California beach theme. Think surfboards, kites and clam shell tables. For breakfast and lunch, it is a buffet. Dinner is a full-service sit-down meal.

5. Vista Cafe on Deck 4 serves coffee and pastries. Waves is a snack bar on Deck 12.

5. Your grown-ups will love Palo on Deck 12, which serves Italian food, and Remy, also on Deck 12, which serves French dishes.

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