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Zhongshan Map on Under the tutelage of resident Opry banjoist and comic Uncle Dave Macon, Akeman put the finishing touches on his Stringbean persona. Dressed in a shirt down to his knees ending in belted trousers, Stringbean’s Opry act consisted of telling corny hillbilly jokes and downhome stories in between traditional banjo playing and country songs. When Macon died in 1952, Akeman essentially took his place as the Opry’s resident banjo playing comic. Thanks to the Grand Ole Opry, Stringbean was nationally known in country music circles by the 1950s. Although he had appeared on Bill Monroe’s albums, Akeman had yet to define himself as a solo performer until signing with Starday in 1961 to release Old Time Pickin’ and Singin’ with Stringbean, an entertaining rehash of his Opry act. Over the next few years, Stringbean released six other well received country music albums on the label (Kentucky Wonder, 1962; Salute to Uncle Dave Macon, 1963), before recording his final LP for Starday, Way Back in the Hills of Old Kentucky, in 1964. Akeman would have remained just a pop ular Opry star with regional appeal if not for the CBS television show Hee Haw. Zhongshan Map 2016.

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