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Zanzibar South & Central Travel on Complimenting Nasser for his able leadership and for having become the most prominent symbol of Arab nationalism, Nehru observed that Arab nationalism had become a dominant force in the region and must be treated with respect and dignity by Europeans. Though Nasser had paid lofty tributes to Shukry Al-Kuwatly and called him the first protagonist and herald of Arab nationalism after the Great Egyptian Revolution, it is he, Nasser, who became the most widely known leader, symbol, and spokesperson of this cause. In reflecting on the meaning and significance of Arab unity, Nasser told the Egyptian National Assembly on February 5, 1958: The Arab unity goes back to time immemorial. For this unity existed from the very beginning of the Arab nation’s existence, grew on the same soil, lived through the same events, and moved toward the achievement of the same aims, so when our nation was able to lay down the base of its existence in the area, and to affirm them, it was certain that unity was rapidly approaching. It was only though Nasser and his colleagues among the Free Officers (an organization formed to defeat neocolonialism, end feudalism, liquidate monopolies, institute strong defense, establish social justice, and introduce democracy) that the various streams of Arabism became the mighty river of Arab nationalism. Nasser argued that this unity was built upon many layers of history: first it was achieved through the force of arms at the time when arms were the means by which humanity in its infancy made itself understood, then it was confirmed by holy prophecies; third, it was reinforced by the power of faith under the banner of Islam, and fourth, it was further cemented by the interaction of various elements in a singly Arab nation. For Nasser the true nature of Arab nationalism was clearly demonstrated when the Christianity of the Arab Orient joined the ranks of Islam to battle the Crusaders until victory. Zanzibar South & Central Travel 2016.

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