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Zamboanga Peninsula Travel on She rarely lost her temper, almost never yelled. Yet there was never any question as to how she felt about something. She was never coy, had no patience for second-guessing. She said what she felt and expected the same courtesy from others. She treated everyone with respect, Jess thought now, seeing her mother’s face streaked with tears, even when those around her were undeserving of that respect. Earth to Jess, she heard Barry say. Come in, Jess. Zamboanga Peninsula Travel 2016.

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He hurtled through the early evening traffic, alternately shouting at me in American English and screaming at the other drivers in Tagalog. He drove as if possessed, as if he wanted to kill us both. I looked out the side window, being unable to bear looking ahead at my approaching death. The cab wasn’t air-conditioned, sweat rolled off me. I wound down the window so I could lean into the fume-filled tropical air.

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