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Have you ever travelled somewhere and it did not turn out as you expected? Maybe you got mugged, lost your luggage, or the accommodation just was not up to standard? Or maybe you could not buy anything either your money was stolen, your credit card did not work, or you could not change your own currency to the local currency?

I am sure many people have experienced that, and I am sure you do not want to go through those hassles or you do not want to go through them again.

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But if you do travel, and you end up with bad experiences or things do not meet your expectations, then it can be a very unpleasant time. The last thing you want is to be stranded at an airport unable to get to your accommodation as there is no transport there, or you have no local cash for the taxis.

Or you go somewhere, you don’t understand the local customs, and end up offending everyone in sight. Then the locals all hate you and can’t wait for you to leave, and you get bad service wherever you go all down to a small misunderstanding at the outset which can be avoided if you are well prepared beforehand.

So read this blog and find out a few tips. This blog does not give all possible answers nor does it look at all possible scenarios. I wrote it more as an introduction to travelling safely, and I regularly post useful information via the website at as well as the SekureTravel Pinterest page, Twitter feed and Faceblog page (links on the website as well as the back of this blog).

You also want to protect yourself from electronic threats as well; I am not referring to online transactions, but rather, using contactless cards which can, if not properly protected, lead to unwanted spending and fraud by card skimming hackers. I will cover that as well later on in this blog.

This has been put together from my own experiences, as well as some research to find some of the best tips and information that can help you travel more safely and securely, whether you are travelling within your home country or to another country, whether you are in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Africa, or wherever else you reside, and travelling to some far-flung place that you have heard about, seen in the movies or online and want to visit.

Holidays really are a good chance to see more of the world, and see things you have not seen before. I have travelled in a variety of countries myself, including Great Britain, the Channel Islands, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Jamaica, the United States of America and Canada. Each has its own unique culture, experiences and things to see and do. Sometimes I stayed in expensive hotels, sometimes in a cheap hostel, but mixing with the locals can be a useful experience, if you can avoid the dodgy people and keep your wits about you.

It helps to be forewarned about a place, to know what to do before you go, and what to

take with you and how to avoid being ripped off. I hope I have covered most of the main necessities in this eblog, but if you think I missed anything, then head on over to our website at and leave a message with your best email address. I shall do my best to respond to genuine comments and inquiries, but if you do not hear from me within a reasonable amount of time, I am either travelling off somewhere with limited Internet access or your message was accidentally placed in a spam folder.

So to summarise what you will learn from this blog:

• picking a good place to travel to

• choosing accommodation wisely

• travel money tips

• keeping yourself safe

• keeping your money and cards secure

• things to watch out for in strange places

• how to pack better

• avoiding scams

• health tips

I hope you benefit from reading this blog. When you’re done, I would love it if you go back to where you bought it from and leave an honest review.

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