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Yokohama Map on But there is still a large degree of aggression involved. A more conservative route, and the one we will explore in more detail later on, is not to buy or sell straight into a retracement spot, technical test or not, but to monitor how prices handle themselves in the potential reversal area first. This wait -and -see tactic is based on the premise that most pullbacks will not turn on a dime. On our 5-minute frame we often get to see at least one or two, if not many more bars that reflect a little bull/bear skirmish right in the anticipated end of the correction. This not only allows for extra time to assess the likelihood of the rever sal itself, it builds up the required tension prior to it, and at the same time it tends to offer a better view on the exact level of the break. Obviously, this is not to suggest that by showing a little more patience we will never get stopped out or tricked into a premature entry-or fully miss our ride, for that matter; but if we aim to play reversals with a tight stop, this more conservative route definitely deserves preference over blindly buying and selling into the market without waiting for prices to stall first. Let us examine some textbook examples to get an idea of how these tactics can be put into practice. Yokohama Map 2016.

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