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Yilan Travel on Son of the Phoenician princess, child of Tyrian Europa and great Zeus, ruler over hundred-fortressed Crete here am I, come from the sanctity of temples roofed with cut beam of our’native wood, its true joints of cypress welded together with Chalybean axe and bull’s-hide glue. Living a pure life from the day when I became an initiate of Idaean Zeus and herdsman of night-wandering Zagreus, and having accomplished the feasts of raw flesh and held aloft torches to the Mountain Mother, torches of the Kuretes, I was raised to the holy estate and named Bacchos. Clothed in raiment all white, I shun the birth of men nor touch the coffins of the dead, and keep myself from the eating of food which has had life. This is not the time to go into all the interesting points which this important passage raises. Euripides describes a cult which existed in the fifth century B.C., and, warned by Strabo, we shall not be surprised to find it uniting originally diverse elements, so that, for example, the initiate of the Cretan Zeus, connected with the Kuretes, takes the name of Bacchos. Yilan Travel 2016.

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