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Yauco Travel on In seeking to discern the relevance of these claims for debates about the international division of labor, it is necessary to keep both the systematic and differentiating capacities of capitalism in view. The notion of an axiomatic of capital developed by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (1983) is useful in this regard because it explains how capital can establish an isomorphism between situations and scenarios that are in fact quite heterogeneous in land. As we shall see later in the book, this is crucial for understanding the variation among different historical forms of capitalism, particularly outside of Europe, and the significance of laboring subjects who dp not conform to the role of the free wage laborer privileged by Marx. A feature that many approaches to the transition of capitalism hold in common, regardless of the nomenclature they adopt, is an emphasis on processes of financialization in the world economy. The declaration of the inconvertibility of the U.S. dollar, which inaugurated the regime of flexible currency exchange in 1971, is frequently cited as a key event. Yauco Travel 2016.

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