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Xanlar Travel on The Waves goes on and on like this, soliloquy after soliloquy registering episode after episode in the characters’ collective lives, punctuated by the interludes. For me, even after re-readings and prolonged familiarity with the text, it still seems an exceedingly strange way to organize a novel. The interlude describing in the past tense and in italics the sun at its zenith, indifferent to Neville’s suftering, follows immediately after Neville’s Now Perceval is go ne, after a blank space on the page. ARE THEY A COMMUNITY? At this point 1 pause to ask: Does the group of seven personages in The Waves form a community? It would seem that it does. They have known Waves Theor)': An Anachronistic Reading 245 one another since childhood. AlI come from the same social class and share similar assumptions and values. They maintain close personal relationships throughout their lives. Xanlar Travel 2016.

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