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Xankandi Travel on Tensions run high in East Jerusalem, the Arab districts that belonged to Jordan before Israel annexed them in the 1967 war. Palestinians there deeply resent the continuing military presence. I see Israeli army vehicles with machine guns mounted on their hoods creeping up and down the dusty streets of Abu Tur, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem and a hotbed of the intifada, the Palestinian revolt against Israelis. Even Jerusalem’s Old City with its monuments so sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike often seems more like an armed military camp than a religious shrine. On a sunny Friday afternoon I join groups of Soviet olim visiting the Western Wall for the first time. Hundreds of Jewish men in black eyes squeezed shut and hands quivering with fervor say their prayers in preparation for the Sabbath. I watch the olim as they watch the worshipers. Xankandi Travel 2016.

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