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Christopher Wren’s influence on London stems from the Great Fire of 1666, after which he was put in charge of creating 51 new City churches and a new cathedral, St Paul’s. The ceiling and crypts of the cathedral are well worth viewing 8:30-4 Mon-Sat; adm. A beautiful wooden model in the crypt reveals Wren’s original, more Classical design for St Paul’s. St Stephen Walbrook provided a prototype for St Paul’s dome, and the steeple of St Mary-le-Bow shows Wren’s appreciation for the Classical architectural orders. St Bride’s off Fleet Street, meanwhile, provided inspiration, it is said, for the familiar tiered wedding cake. For location details, see p226. Original London Walks see p23i do a Wren tour on Tuesday afternoons. The London Tourism Guide – a free tourist and visitor guidebook … travelquaz

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Wren's London

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