World Showcase Pavilions

There are 11 featured countries, or pavilions, situated along the World Showcase Promenade, with room for an additional 68 pavilions. Within each country’s pavilion you will find beautiful architecture, music, food, entertainment, and shops to infuse you with the feeling that you are actually there. Epcot was formulated with the plan that each country would sponsor their pavilion for the first ten years. It was hoped they would decide to extend that contract. Some countries relied on corporate sponsors as they were not able, or willing, to support a large pavilion on their own. The American Adventure enjoys a generous sponsorship by Coca-Cola. Japan is sponsored by Mitsukoshi. In 1984, Morocco was sponsored by the Moroccan government. In 1988, Norway brought multiple corporate sponsors as well as partial sponsorship by the Norwegian government. Disney had hoped that the individual governments would see their investment at Epcot paid back with droves of tourists wanting to visit the actual country. No new pavilions have been created since Norway. One of the many nice things about Epcot is its layout. It is easy to understand and navigate. World Showcase is 1.2 miles around, not counting going inside the pavilions. The cast members working in the pavilions are mostly students from their home countries. They stay for about a year as they learn to speak English, earn school credit, and experience American culture. They rent housing furnished by Disney. You can tell where they are from by reading the cast member name tags. Most are happy to answer questions about their countries.

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