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World atlas on Turning her younger siblings onto pot at an early age, Spungen was shooting heroin at 15. She enrolled at the University of Colorado at 16, but left after a semester and relocated to New York City to work as a go-go dancer. In the Big Apple she told anyone within earshot her dream was to become a rock star’s girlfriend and bragged she had already bedded every member of Aerosmith, Bad Company, and most of the Allman Brothers. She followed the New York Dolls to London where she hooked up with Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers. In early 1977, repulsed by Johnny Rotten who considered her a heroin addicted slag, Spungen set her sights on Sid Vicious. The pair became inseparable especially after Spungen turned him onto heroin. The rest of the Pistols openly despised the woman to whom they referred to as Nauseating Nancy. World atlas 2016.

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