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Winter destinations usa on Volume indicates interest in the stock and the pace of the trades indicates the current interest in the stock. A fast pace with volume indicates enough momentum by which to trade. 76 Trading on Momentum For example, let’s assume a company receives pre-market news that they are in a deal with Microsoft in which Microsoft will take a 30- percent stake in them. Yesterday, the stock closed at 20 and today is being bid up in pre-market trading to 23 on total volume near 2,000,000 shares. At first look, we see the volume and easily see that the interest is present because of such huge volume. However, we look a level deeper and see that four 500,000 blocks went off, totaling the two million shares. Although the interest from the volume is certainly present, the momentum is not because the amount of traders interested in the news was no more than four institutional type buys. Winter destinations usa 2016.

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