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Which island in hawaii on Conditions, conditions, conditions. Figure 7.7 Asian sessions (00:00-08:00) can be awfully stale on the eur/ usd pair, but they do tend to behave quite orderly and if they are kind enough to offer a valid setup, if only just one in the early hours, not seldom it is relatively easy to spot. In the very thin volume prior to the Asian Open, prices were already on their way to the OO-level magnet ( 1 -2), but then bulls had responded with a classic middle-part block (2-3) . Note the tricky false low in bar 3 before the pressure spun around in powerbar fashion (bear-flag failure) . Had we been in bearish position, the break above bar 3 may have called for a reversal exit. Pretty standard stuff. Which island in hawaii 2016.

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