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Which hawaii island is best on This model has been characterized as a human stress response in females that is secondary to the classic fight-or-flight response. Neuroendocrinal evidence from animal and human research suggests an underlying physiological mechanism mediated by oxytocin and moderated by female sex hormones and opioid peptide mechanisms. tender-mindedness n. a personality trait characterized by intellectualism, idealism, optimism, dogmatism, religiousness, and monism. Compare toughmindedness. -tender-minded adj. tension n. Which hawaii island is best 2016.

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After three days in Antwerp, the ship sailed for Amsterdam. I was told to report to the bridge and when I arrived I felt I was going back in time. The engine telegraph was a gleaming brass chain-driven contraption. The handles had to be swung back and forward to make the bell ring, after which it would be left in the desired position: Slow Ahead, Half Ahead, Slow Astern, or whatever was required. This telegraph wouldn’t have been out of place on a Mississippi river boat in the 1860s.

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