Johannesburg: is quite naturally called the Golden City. You mustn’t miss a trip down a gold mine a thrilling experience. You can go down 6,000 feet below the streets and find yourself at sea level. There are guides to explain the workings of the mines to you. The underground workings reach great depth, some of the shafts extend-

ing over 9,000 feet underground. Conducted tours of underground and ‘ surface workings of the mines take place every Tuesday, Wednesday

and Thursday morning. Application must be made to the Public

Relations Department, Transvaal Chamber of Mines (Tel. 34-2371).

Another interesting sight for the visitor are the native dances performed by the native mine workers on Sunday mornings at the mine compounds. These intertribal dances are often adaptations of the originals, which, in the villages, would be graced by the presence of women and children to provide the music and singing. They are a genuine example of African talent. The natives taking part are among the world’s best tribal dancers. Visitors should get in touch with the Johannesburg Publicity Association (Tel. 23-2324) to arrange for mine-dance visits.

Another tour of interest is through a diamond-cutting factory, permission for which is obtained from the Master Diamond Cutters Association (Tel. 23-2760). From the top of Escom House, a 21-story building, round the corner from Pan American’s office, you’ll get a wonderful view of the city. Spend some time in the Herman Eckstein Park, where the Zoological gardens are situated. Don’t miss a trip up to Northcliff where you get a sweeping view of the central Transvaal.

There are many interesting drives in and around the city and there are municipal busses which make Round the Town tours. There are several tours of the city and suburbs which are worth taking and cost about $9 per 5-seater car. The views are wonderful. Don’t miss a stroll through The Wilds, a reserve devoted to native South African flora. All nature lovers should visit this delightful spot, especially in the spring (September and October). It’s only about 10 minutes from the city.

Near Johannesburg are many pleasant resorts with good boating and fishing. Black bass and trout fishing at Florida Lake is known throughout South Africa. Hartebeestpoort Dam, a lovely spot, is near Pretoria, about 40 miles from Johannesburg.


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