Honolulu : Within Honolulu there are many attractions. Walking tours are popular. If you prefer the sea to the streets, there is a wide range of boat accommodations available. You can take one of the famous glassbottom-boat trips either day or night. You will want to see the Aloha Tower for a panoramic view of Honolulu Harbor and the city and hills of Honolulu. The Hawaiian Village in Ala Moana Park near the Ala Wai yacht channel and the sea is an exact replica of ancient Hawaiian homes. Also, in Ala Moana Park you will see all sorts of sailing and fishing craft, interesting family groups picnicking, and the Kewalo basin fishing center. Iolani Palace, former royal palace of the Hawaiian monarchy, is now the seat of territorial government. A trip through the pineapple canneries is interesting; regular tours are conducted on canning days. The Honolulu fish markets are fascinating. Located in an area of colorful Chinese stores, native fishermen sell octopus, squid, a tremendous variety of brilliant fish, and other seafoods. Also of great interest is Fisherman’s Wharf, where the sampans that do most of Hawaii’s deep-sea fishing gather. You will not want to miss seeing Upside-down Falls, a phenomenon that occurs when a heavy rain falls over the cliffs and is blown upward instead of falling downward. Take a waterfront tour along Ala Moana from the yacht harbor at the Ala Wai canal to Aloha Tower.

A must on your list should be a trip to Chinatown. Although the buildings are not so distinctive as those in San Francisco, the small apothecary, jade, food and other shops are well worth seeing. In addition to the abundance of exotic flowers to be seen everywhere, for flower lovers there are special hibiscus drives and walks along the streets of the lei makers. Also the Foster Gardens, which are public gardens containing all the flowers, trees and shrubs which grow throughout the tropics. Other Oahu Island attractions that can be included in a round-the-island tour by U-Drive car, taxi or special Gray Line tour are:, a drive through a luxuriant forest to the famous Nuuanu Pali where from the lookout you get an impressive view. Pearl Harbor, now the home of the Pacific fleet; particularly interesting is the cruise on a yacht through Pearl Harbor; the Navy Yard, open

A luau, native-style feast, is an experience which visitors can enjoy, too, through arrangements with the Hawaii Visitors’ Bureau and other organizations.

Outrigger canoes of various sizes can be rented on Waikiki beach near the Moana Hotel, at left. Diamond Head looms in the background to the public on Saturdays and Sundays (for United States citizens only). Diamond Head, a part of Honolulu and the city’s greatest landmark, and Diamond Head Crater are at the eastern end of Waikiki.

Island of Hawaii : The Island of Hawaii, known as the big island, is dominated by the spirit of Pele, the fire goddess who, it is said, causes the volcanoes Mauna Loa and Kilauea to erupt. Mauna Loa is the world’s most active volcano and you will certainly want to see it. You will also want to go to Kilauea and Halemaumau, the fire pit thought to be Pele’s home. Make your headquarters in the city of Hilo, the second-largest city in the Islands. The chief hotels are the Hilo and the Naniloa, both excellent. In the National Park section, about 25 miles from the city, is Volcano House, situated on the very edge of Kilauea’s crater.

Among other things to see on Hawaii are Akaka Falls at the end of magnificent tropical gardens; Kalapana Beach, which has black sand churned from the lava of the volcano. Paradoxically, there is skiing in winter on the slopes of the volcano. Hunters shoot wild goats there. Visit Parker Ranch. There is the Waimea Ranch Hotel in the middle of the ranch, which is fine and comfortable. On the Kona coast of the island there is marvelous fishing. The charming Kona Inn and Kona Palms arc headquarters for deep-sea fishermen.


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