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What to see in hawaii on Of course, the true extent of the damage will be a function of the actual spike and the liquidity in it, but the speed with which the trading platform can fill the order may have an effect on the outcome as well. Another element of concern is that the bid/ ask spread may be raised artificially during the release, further crippling a trader’s odds to 146 Chapter 6 Manual Exits – News Report Exit come out unscathed. Incurring slippage of more than 10 pip (on top of the stop) is certainly not unheard of. To measure to possibility of truly unsavory slippage, here’s a handy rule of thumb: if you repeatedly find your platform responding rather sluggishly in a calm environment, you are going to get smacked for sure when caught disadvantageously in a news spike event. And even more so with the spread cranked up. Fortunately, throughout the years things have improved considerably and many brokers now can handle spikes without causing their customers excessive slippage, but there is still no guarantee not to be hurt even on the best of trading platforms. In all fairness it should be noted that instead of fearing the news, plenty of traders have come up with strategies solely designed to exploit the spike potential, but little is known as to their rate of success. What to see in hawaii 2016.

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