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What hawaiian island to visit on Of course, it were not only bears who got trapped in that false downward break. Some bulls, too, will have been tricked: either into exiting their profitable longs, or when Understanding Price Action forced protect themselves from further loss on whatever they bought higher up. It may seem contradictory that there can be danger in trading a break when the opponent is likely to be forced out on it, since this implies a double-pressure situation. But that is hardly a guarantee for follow-through. Particularly when the break is set straight into a trending 25ema, as was the case below the dotted line, double pressure against dominance can be very short-lived, if forthcoming at all (mind the contrarians!). In other words, while a bull can be forgiven to have exited his long, this was certainly no place for a bear to play short. Recalling the principle of false highs and lows, a failed break on one side of the market could be a harbinger of a successful break on the other, especially when the latter is set in line with dominance. What hawaiian island to visit 2016.

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