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Western Australia Travel on In this way, we reach beyond existing debates on borders, migration, and labor to add to the literature on global power and governance, the mutations of capital and sovereignty, and their implications for subjects and struggles across different configurations of space and time. This research process attempts to filter both theoretical and ethnographic materials, whatever their provenance, through our own political experiences, which are, as is always the case in collaborative work, diffuse and inconsistent. Although this filtering may not always be foregrounded on the surface of our text, it has remained a crucial part of our writing practice”a-kind of political pivot and editorial razor. This technique, we like to believe, gives our writing the possibility to range across radically diverse borderscapes in different parts of the world. We take the term borderscape from the work of Suvendrini Perera (2007, 2009). In her analysis of the shifting and elusive borders that circumscribe Australia’s territory from the Pacific zone, Perera highlights”using terms analogous to those Weizman deployed to describe the occupied Palestinian territories”the simultaneous expansion and contraction of political spaces and the multiple resistances, challenges, and counterclaims to which they give rise. Her work is closely engaged with the regime of border control known as the Pacific Solution, which was introduced following the Tampa incident in 2001. Western Australia Travel 2016.

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