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West Travel on Bismarck retired to his estate an embittered man. That he was now a prince and extremely wealthy did not ease his retirement. For the next eight years he issued sharp critiques of his successors. Elected to the Reichstag, he chose not to take his seat. He wrote his memoirs, which became bestsellers. He died July 30, 1898. BIBLIOGRAPHY. West Travel 2016.

Although each community had its own emphasis, all communities offered free breakfasts, home visiting programs to increase parental support, parenting skills, and family recreational activities, and all had community outreach programs, community social activities, and special celebrations. Some communities put more money into school interventions reducing class size to ten students to each adult because of the number of immigrants with language problems, and some put more money into community programs. Residents in the communities devised the programs in consultation with service agencies and other professionals. Measures of child, parent, family, and community functioning were obtained when children were in Grade ages eightnine, Grade ages eleven twelve, and Grade ages fourteenfifteen. The interventions helped both children and parents.

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