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West Bengal Travel on Across the world, there has been a turn away from traditional quota systems of migration regulation, which are increasingly recognized as inadequate to the new flexibility and interpenetration of labor markets and economic systems. The pursuit of a just-in-time and to-the-point migration now shapes migratory policies across diverse national and continental scenarios. One prevalent means of attempting to correlate migration flows with occupational gaps and skills shortages is point-system migration schemes. These have their origins in migration policies introduced by former settler colonies such as Australia and Canada in the 1970s as they moved from more racially based approaches to migration to ones that sought to match labor market needs to emergent social agendas of multiculturalism and integration (Hawkins 1991). The recent spread of such points systems to countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands attests to their currency within economic and political contexts in which a hunger for appropriately skilled labor is fueled by the onset of what Vercellone calls cognitive capitalism. Point-system migration schemes give weight to the thesis that cognitive capitalism entails the expansion of productive labor time to include activities of social relation and reproduction. This is because although these schemes place emphasis on educational qualifications and labor skills for migration selection, they also control for many other qualities and attributes that promise to facilitate the migrant’s productive integration into the social fabric: linguistic abilities, family connections, health, age, religion, monetary wealth, and even (by means of recently introduced citizenship tests in some countries) familiarity with national culture and values. West Bengal Travel 2016.

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