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West Bank Travel on These include: the declaration and payment of dividends; the appointment and removal of officers; financial decisions such as the issuance of authorized shares of stock or bonds; and making major corporate policy decisions. BIBLIOGRAPHY. R.L. Miller and G.A. Jentz, Business Law Today (South-Western, 2000); L. West Bank Travel 2016.

As a parent, Mann finds herself maintaining her son’s strong connections to the extended family. Though she, with her husband and son, live far from other relatives, she makes sure he visits the extended family in the summer, and all three travel to the South for family reunions. This does not substitute for the warm cocoon of the extended family Mann experienced as a child in Detroit, but she duplicates those childhood feelings for her son as best she can. Because religion has been so important to her and her parents, she delights in her son’s spontaneous and easy reliance on prayers as a way of coping with the stress of waking up in the night alone. She sometimes feels uncomfortable wanting to follow the values that have been such strengths for her and her brother and sisters, because they do not conform to what experts recommend.

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