LOCATION : Along the most westerly part of the coast of Africa lies the Federation of French West Africa comprising the colonies of Senegal, Mauritania, French Sudan, French Guinea, the Ivory Coast, French Niger, Dahomey and Upper Volta.

CHARACTERISTICS : A varied territory ranging from desert in the north to the luxuriant tropical forests in the south. The open bush country of the French Sudan in the east is a hunter’s paradise, teeming with game. The native tribes of these colonies are some of the most colorful on the African continent.

POPULATION: Estimated at 18,750,000 of which some 65,000 are Europeans.

SIZE : 1,837,000 square ntiles, more than half as big as the United States.

CAPITAL : Dakar, with a population of about 300,000 (of which about 35,000 are Europeans).

GOVERNMENT: A Federation of eight colonies under the authority of a High Commissioner for the French Republic. The local Africans have full French citizenship.

HOW TO GET THERE: By Pan American’s Clippers, 22 hours from New York, 7 hours from Lisbon. By Panair do Brasil, 13Vi hours from Rio de Janeiro, 14 hours from London. By ship from New York, 10 days.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The Grand Hotel de N’Gor, a new hotel catering especially to the tourist trade, would be considered first class anywhere, and is outstanding for Africa. Situated 8 miles outside the city. Rates single $8 to $9.50; double $9 to $10. Also recommended, in the city, are the Croix du Sud (partially air conditioned), single from $7, double $11 to $20; the Air Hotel (partially air conditioned) $7 to $9.50 double; the Majestic, around $7 double. Rates are European Plan, year round.


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