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Wellington Travel on But we must not follow the advice of those who tell us to think human thoughts being human, or mortal thoughts because we are mortal. No, let us be immortal as far as we can and do everything possible to live according to the highest that is in us. Even though it be but a small part, yet in power and in worth it far exceeds everything else. Moreover it is this which may be thought actually to be each one of us, since it is the ruling and better part; and it would be absurd to choose not one’s own life but the life of something else. This is in agreement with what we have said previously: what is proper to each thing is naturally the best and pleasantest for it. So therefore is the life of mind for man, since mind in the fullest sense is man.1 Even in the severest of Greek philosophers the old religious antithesis is echoed. Wellington Travel 2016.

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