Weekend getaways

Weekend getaways on Bitter Root Drive (3300 West) in Taylorsville, Utah. Separate fires raging upstairs and in the downstairs bedroom suggested arson, later confirmed when an accelerant was discovered at the scene. After the fire was extinguished, authorities found the body of a woman (later identified as the 45-year-old actress) on the floor of the downstairs bedroom. Omer was gagged and her hands bound behind her back. An autopsy revealed the actress was stabbed to death before the house was torched. Two days earlier, a 27-yearold woman in the same Taylorsville neighborhood had been attacked in her home at knifepoint, bound in a similar manner to Omer, and raped as her young children slept in a nearby bedroom. She survived the ordeal to provide authorities with a description of her assailant. Weekend getaways 2016.

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