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Guys we just got our full-length wedding post in the post like a coupla days ago, and we’ll contemplate any whether we wanted to put it online or not it’s quite personal. But there’s little cringy bits, and everything like that that we thought I feel like a lot of the wedding posts that are online it’s always like you know the five minute best bit cinematic shots, and I was like you know what let’s put this on it’s about an hour long it’s a little bit more raw even though it has been posted by like three or four photographers like this yeah they didn’t really cut out any awkward bits like with the ceremony you see the whole ceremony, and like the speeches, and the cake, and everything. Because it is a little bit long in the description, I’m gonna put minute stamps. So if you just want to see the ceremony or the cake-cutting all the speeches you can go to the description below otherwise enjoy this almost how long you like yourself the tea grab some peas, and yes we’ll see you guys on the other side broke it using friends as alibis no one ever knew just well we welcome guys let me just kiss me kids always take a little falling I quit Oh Chris, and it’s George, and George then you say you had enough running out of money I love bhai know how to call a bluff only takes one drinking boom.

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But when I try to call you I can never get to my Steven our day is finally here we’re in Greece with everyone we love about to become husband, and wife who would have thought all those years ago when a little curly-haired boy turned up to migrate nine social studies class that might hope that my life will change forever since that moment you’ve remind me every single day to dream bigger to work harder, and to open my heart to the possibilities of this beautiful way Steven you’re my best friend my partner in crime my travel buddy concerned to be my husband, and I love you more than you will ever know promise to inspire you the way you inspired me to be there every morning with the coffee in hand to lift you up when you are down, and to continue on this crazy journey we are together you’re my everything, and I can’t wait to call you my day dear Jess my beautiful bride-to-be my best friend I’ve been waiting for this day for 10 years, and I can’t believe in just a few hours time I will call you my wife, I’m so excited to be able to spend the rest of your life our life together those first memories have been building towards today we’ve grown up together, and you have helped shape me into the person I am today you are the music in me every little thing you do to make me smile means the world to, and we wouldn’t be here today in beautiful Greece if it wasn’t for all your hard work I believe in you your dreams your hope your family, and I can’t wait for this new chapter to begin I love you, and will always love you now let’s go get married you’re going to make everyone proud oh she’s just included some special memories and, I’m just very happy that she’s just excited to be here today of course she was just a little bit nervous.

But um to see her just running around pausing and, I’m not meant to see her before the before the big reveal. But just seeing the energy she has is just just giving me so much energy you know this is just. So nice I found love in you, and I’ve learned to love me too never have I felt that I could be all that to see it’s like our hearts have intertwine, and to the perfect harmony I found love in you, and no other love will do every moment that you smile chases all the pain away you the stars have all aligned, and right now is the perfect time to say I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you no more nervous all righty guys we’re gonna cut the float yeah we’re gonna reach on you guys back at the ceremony just oh just stop the ceremony oh we’re gonna get married, and we’ll see you guys after we walk down the aisle see you guys marriage is a commitment to life to the best that two people can find, and bring out in each other it offers opportunities for sharing, and growth that no other human relationship can o’clock adjoining that is promised for a lifetime within the circle of each love marriage encompasses all of life’s most important relationships the wife, and the husband are each other’s best friend confident lover teacher listener, and crit there may come times when one partner is still broken or really, and the love of the other may resemble the tender caring of a parent for a child marriage depends, and arises every facet of life happiness is fueler memories are fresher commitment is stronger it encourages, and nurtures new life new experiences a new ways of expressing love through the seasons of life when two people pledge to love, and care for each other in marriage they create a spirit unique to themselves which binds them larger than any spoken or written word marriage is a promise a potential mate in the search of two people who love which takes a lifetime to fulfill we cannot apply same the right now music in the name of God in the name of God I Steven i Steven did you just take you Jess to be my wife to be my wife Duke of to love, and record.

And to hold from this day forward from this day forward for better for worse for better, and for worse for richer for poorer for richer, and for poorer in sickness, and in health in sickness, and in health to love, and to cherish to love, and to cherish until we are parted by this until we are parted by Death this is my solemn vow this is my solemn vow no Jews you’re doing well in the name of good in the name of God I just I just beg you Steven take you Steven to be my husband to be my husband Duke of to have, and to hold from this day forward, and to hold till this day forward for better for worse for better, and for worse for richer for poorer except richer for poorer in sickness, and in health in sickness, and in health to love, and to cherish to love, and to cherish until we are parted by this until we are parted by Death this is my solemn vow this is my solemn vow bless O Lord this ring to be a sign of the vows by which this man, and this woman have bound themselves to each other through Jesus Christ our Lord this yes, I’ll give you this ring I give you this ring RC boom as a symbol of my vow as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and with all that I am, and all that I have, and to all that I have I honor you I honor you in the name of God in the name of God my good food go okay you ready Stephen I give you this ring.

I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow as a symbol of my vow, and we thought what I am I mean all that I am, and all that they have, and to all that I have I honor you I only in the name of God in the name of God Stephen you have taken just to be your wife do you promise to love her comfort her honor, and keep her in sickness, and in health, and forsaking all others to be faithful to hear as long as you both shall live I turn you have taken Stephen to be your husband, and you promise to love him comfort him honor, and keep him in sickness, and in health, and forsaking all others to be faithful to him as long as you both shall live I do wilt may all your days, and years to come, and may that happiness you bring to each other be a continuing part of your life together may you continue to laugh often, and the joy each other every day sit first in hope, and confidence, and believing in each other may your love be in sanctuary answers from which you draw strength to live your lives with enthusiasm, and imagination maybe the people do touch in your lifetime know how much you loved, and cared for one another, and may you love one another forever I have the pleasure of announcing you as husband when you see the photos turn your magical for me she’s there everything he wants a dream we are legends every day. So what she told him to be magical to me she’s there you also dream through this pressure I feel my heart beat my heart beaten you make me feel I can tell you a good girl. But I could tell you a bad to look at everything you do now, and I can tell that it ain’t your upcoming wrong with the boy back to a place that we both could enjoy back to the time when we both had a choice. But we ain’t got a choice tell me what’s a little sex without a little luck tell me what’s Aloha without a little drunk tell me what’s a couple drinks if you don’t go to buzz tell me what the is life if it ain’t us, and if it ain’t us then I don’t wanna I know you know that, I’m spill only my life my wife’s, I’m gonna donate don’t say I never try to put a ring regards me , I’m gonna go action, and what up that’s enough cake, I’ll start with a joke I suppose I don’t know I’ve done, I’m not very good with speeches.

So you have to bear with me all right this is my daughter’s wedding. So to make sure it’s a good one. So if everybody say knock knock who’s there as a dad joke it’s a dad joke, and from my investigations, and information that I have on both of you it all happened round about in year 9 Zedd White’s these radio, and I believe it happened in the science classroom is that correct they started eyeing each other through the test tubes while completing science experiments ok does anyone else need some cake may you be that old couple that are so warm, and loving to each other, and to all the people around you that Eva the mythological great gods are impressed by you. So that’s enough stories for me I just want to thank you guys Stephen, and Jess for being such great friends to Heidi, and I, and just for everyone that you guys come into contact with, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys together. So drinks cheers to Stephen, and Jess oh gosh okay well I write this like probably 11 o’clock today I was too nervous to think about it I just wanted to do it on the day good okay before I start like David said I am really bad at speeches, and this time I didn’t have just tell me like you always do throughout everything okay. So just to warn you all, I’m really bad at speeches as I just said. So I don’t have just to help me out this time like she always does, and don’t worry Steve it’s not copy – paste on Google.

So don’t worry. So here it goes firstly I want to thank everyone who’s come along all this way I can’t believe our whole family is here like in this beautiful place celebrate such a magical event happening you know my nose is running in such a magical event that’s happening in our family, and we all have we come all this way to Greece no I just thought it was amazing. So hard yeah this will be probably one of my favorite memories to tell my kids or everyone’s kids it was just yeah hopefully. So so you all know my name is Clara, I’m just as maid of honor Stephens sister that’s so weird Jess the moment we click was the moment I knew no other girl couldn’t replace you for my brother if something happen between you two we knew that he’ll be breaking up with the both of us, and she would be in hell literally look he’s losing my place oh thank you yeah right Jess I have I haven’t really ever thanked you for how much you have taught me well growing up I wouldn’t be the person now sorry without you you inspire me so much you keep inspiring me do great things like to say well I had a sister growing up, and that sister was he all right JK just knows everything Steve I’ve been there. So many times it was really hard to come up with anything nice. Because my parents have said enough nice things about you. Because you really truly are the favorite in the family you don’t think you are.

But you you really are the favorite whether it was sucking up to Mum best to finish high school, and the only one to graduate you need out of the three you were really the smartest, and you work. So hard to be where you are, and you deserve every bit of it, I’m probably right probably said this to Mum, and everyone. But I look up to you the most and, I’m so proud of you, and whatever you do in life inspires me so much I have to do this for die hashtag crowds, and stuff you deserve such a beautiful you deserve such a beautiful wife an amazing life I love you so much, and I can’t wait to look back on this day when we are all old, and all the posts we have made together, and just start showing our kids it’s such a special thing that we have going, and this is the time we just walked on me crying. So I haven’t actually finished I honestly feel like our kids are gonna look back on this, and be like what is this archaic technology there we okay really not does well for the moment on behalf of myself, and my beautiful bride we wanted to thank each, and every one of you for coming out here to come into this beautiful island for our little crazy day, and you honestly do not know how much we appreciate it for every single one of you coming out here, and I know your answer is going to be it’s your wedding we had to come. But honestly coming all the way to Greece from all parts of the world that’s something special that’s something extra that you guys didn’t have to do. So thank you so much for coming everyone really appreciate it just we have no words to show our gratitude it’s just it’s amazing thank you guys so much I think the groom speech is to thank everyone. So first of all I’d like to thank Cleo my sister, and of course Jess’s maid of honor, and if it wasn’t for all your help today it honestly wouldn’t have gone.

So smoothly, and yes. So yeah thank you clear who is slowly growing up with Jess over the last few years, and you become more like a little sister to her, and just reading that relationship is anything that an older brother could want. So just thank you so much for looking after my beautiful bride tonight, and keeping everything under control including makeup hair, and emotions that you’re not helping me right now thank you thank you sister I really love you, and to Ashley my best man, and honestly the oldest friend I’ve ever had it is really special that you’re here today as you get older you realize that quality over quantity with friends is is honestly the best relation to relationship to have with friends, and you’ve really been my rock over the last 72 hours with the with pills, and everything stories to tell. But um you’ve really been here this week for me, and I really honestly appreciate it I think there’s just been I think there’s been enough time over the last week to laugh over that damn Hill, and I think will behave laughing over it over the coming weeks. But also thank you for leaving your very pregnant wife back at home I understand it might have been a very hard choice to come out to these Greek islands to party, and also Heidi when you watch this post a happy birthday. Because it’s her birthday today as well yeah, and next to my parents to mom, and dad for all your health, and your understanding, and just everything you’ve done over the last three years like these last insane years of us trying to do flying the nest, and all that you guys have been the biggest help with everything, and of course everything you’ve done way before then as well. But definitely in the last three years you guys have been incredible parents I understand that we may not live the most conventional life.

But we have never been happier, and you guys have helped us so much in our journey for allowing us to stay at home to have a bit of a base between all these crazy trips that we have I think we’ve done enough Airport drop-offs, and pickups for a lifetime. So thank you so much if your if your generosity wasn’t. So strong, and your love wasn’t. So strong I feel like we wouldn’t be here today in Greece. So you guys helped us have our dream wedding, and it honestly means everything to us. So thank you so much you guys just really made our dream wedding a reality to Jessa’s parents David, and Amanda we just honestly over the moon that you guys are here we just reading you guys go to Europe for the first time, and go, and see London it made us. So happy seeing your photographs you you saw more of London, and we did, and we’re meant to be the travel expert.

So we’ll have to get some tips from you guys it looks like you guys had an absolutely amazing time, and your happiness just gives us such such happiness, and thank you so much for everything helping us with the wedding you guys know everything you’ve done, and we we just appreciate it so much, and we love you so much, and thank you for allowing me to to be part of your family it’s, I’m just. So happy to have you guys as this one are you dad in my new mum it’s gonna be amazing also of course our day started with an absolutely incredible breakfast from David it’s it’s kind of having her it’s kind of handy having a chef on holiday with you, and we wanted our day to be as you know as you imagined it, and just having breakfast in the morning with everyone having coffee, and all that it was just the start of an amazing day, and yeah it’s been it’s just been incredible thank you, and for everyone else you are all here. Because you’ve made not just a minor impact. But a major impact on our lives just thank you so much to everyone we wanted our wedding day to include everyone that is special, and it’s made an impact on our life I understand that family, and friends family, and friends. But every single one of you have gone above, and beyond of what is expected of family, and friends. So thank you so much even even though for a lot of you it may seem that just opened your opening your homes to us during our travels might just be filling a bed. But to us it was saving us allowing us to edge a little bit closer to our dream during our most desperate times your love, and support kept us going that much more I think I’ve spent more time at Auntie Nikki’s house in the last few years when I lived in South Africa also post, and I don’t want to be too forward on my wedding.

But I hope to call you Uncle Phil one day you’ve just been absolutely incredible seeing the smile that you put on my auntie’s faces I want to see more of that that’s crazy today we in Ricky you guys are just. So awesome you guys are really helped hold on for ya, and checking that everything is is as we envisioned it it is being. So helpful, and also just being able to hang out with you guys it’s just. So unforgettable I really appreciate the friendship that we have, and fully for allowing us to eat all your crumpets, and sit on, and drink all your tea in England maybe using up a little bit too much of your internet logs up will come stay for a bit longer I think your time in in your cute little English home has convinced Jess to live in the UK. So you must have left a little bit of an impact also auntie die your humour is one of a kind you’ve had me in stitches this entire week, and even when we spend time with you it’s I love you too, and I just can’t wait to come to the UK, and have some more of that clotted cream you introduced us to also to Auntie Amanda thank you for being you it is it can always be a little bit nerve-racking to to start showing your girlfriends or family, and you were the first auntie that I introduced Jess to a part of my extended family, and you did with such big open arms when we came visited you, and in Melbourne, and you just you showed me you showed when what you showed me is that maybe I can introduce Jess to more of the wacky family that. So thank you so much for. So thank you so much, and full Melinda being able to spend some quality time with you back in Melbourne, and being able to just live the the city life in an apartment right there as it was really fun, and you proved that just having cousins just on the other side of the country makes it so much worth it just to jump in that flight, and just go across there, and hang out, and just do stupid cousin things like finding experimental coffees, and it was just so much fun, and to Peckinpah there’s a reason we have left you guys for last you always save the best for last we have known you for the least amount of time at this table.

But you’ve made the biggest impact that will last a lifetime from a snapchat post message which, I’m sure our kids will look back, and be like why you guys on snapchat this is from that little snapshot with message inviting us into your home, and just instantly connecting like best friends, and that one’s on you guys. Because, I’m a bit of an introvert. So you guys just managed to make this amazing relationship with us. So thank you so much, and everything you guys did you guys know what you did, and it was just absolutely amazing when we were with you with your beautiful family, and honestly this week I feel like you saved the week with removing all the stress. So thank you we’ll never forget it thank you so much. So this is now the third wedding I’ve been to, and every single one of them I’ve never eaten wedding gags. So let’s go break that tradition, and go house on a wedding cake oh we have a wedding day okay do this like okay eat the cake it’s carrot cake do it yes okay thank you so much everyone for coming, and making us Oh everyone listens when I start to see you.

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