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Washington Map on A widely accepted and generally sound idea i s to risk between 1 and 2 percent of capital per trade. While there is of course room on the low side, it is strongly advised not to risk more than 2 percent on a single wager; sooner or later, such hastiness is bound to backfire-and there isn’t much call for it either. Compounding units on a more conservative risk model may have the account growing at a calmer pace, but the inevitable drawbacks will have less of an impact also, and in the end, this may benefit account growth much more than slow it down. To fully understand the virtues of compounding let us compare the trading results of two traders who scored the exact same points per week for 48 weeks on end. Trader A kept trading the same units per trade, despite his growing account, yet Trader B incorporated the compounding factor on a weekly basis. Let us further assume that both 384 Chapter 1 0 Trade Size-Compounding traders started out on a $5,000 account, risking 2 percent per trade ($ 1 00) and that they consistently scored 2 . 5 points per week. Washington Map 2016.

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